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Common Mistakes With Organ Moving

Wrong Ways to Move an Organ

Professional organ, piano, and grand piano moving services have been called in a little late on more than one occasion. This typically occurs when one disregards the difficulty of transporting large and bulky instruments. To help you totally avoid hurting yourself, others, or your device, we’ll discuss some of the most common blunders beginners make.

Inaccurate Weight Estimates

There’s no getting around the fact that organs are substantial in weight. If you have the manufacturer’s specifications, figuring out how much your instrument weighs will be challenging. However, the weight of these instruments will often make do-it-yourself movers’ efforts futile, even if they’ve done the math correctly. Due to errors in judgment, several people have sustained moderate to severe injuries and expensive instrument damages.

Inadequate Relocation Tools

Successful organ relocation calls for specialized gear. Heavy instrument moving equipment is tailored to the specifics of the job at hand, unlike generic moving trucks. Challenges abound when dealing with instruments, which can vary significantly in size, shape, and weight distribution. Without the proper tools, you risk worsening problems like dings to the instrument’s finish or scrapes on the floor, ceiling, or doors.

Moving Too Quickly

Transporting an organ or piano is a delicate process that requires plenty of time and care. There aren’t many times we can think of where speed aided a moving team. It’s risky to rush through a piano move because you could end up hurting yourself or breaking something. Taking a whole day to move a big organ will help you avoid making any unnecessary moves. It’s just a bonus if you finish early!

With just these mistakes, organ moving can turn into a total nightmare. Have your instrument relocated the best way possible in Carrollton, TX by reaching out to professionals like McMurry Piano Moving? For an appointment, call (817) 690-1978 now!