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How Piano and Organ Movers Preps Your Instrument

Preparing Your Instruments for a Move

Preparation in packing your grand piano will make all the difference in keeping it in pristine condition throughout the move. If you want to save money by transporting the piano yourself instead of hiring piano and organ movers, you’ll need to take it apart first. By doing so, you can facilitate the process and protect the instrument during loading, transportation, and unloading. So, where do you start?

Remove the Lid

Get a screwdriver and unscrew the nuts holding the top on. Put the fasteners in a sealed bag and mark them. Sometimes, you may need to use a combination of screwdriver sizes and styles.

Wrap the Lid

To avoid damaging the lid with dings, scratches, and scuffs, wrap it in a quilted moving blanket. Cover it entirely and tape it down, so it doesn’t move around.

Remove the Lyre

Discover where the lyre is fastened and unscrew it. Once again, you might need a variety of screwdrivers for this. Pack those fasteners away in a labeled container.

Remove the Pedals

Separately pad and tape each pedal to prevent it from moving around. That way, the pedals won’t scrape against each other on the way over.

Remove the Legs

Wrap each leg in its moving pad, just like the pedals, to protect them from damage during transport. To prevent the places from moving around, tape them down.

Wrap the Piano

Once you’ve removed and wrapped the piano’s removable components, you can cover the keys and body in moving blankets and tape them together. The finish on your grand piano could easily be scratched or dented if you don’t properly wrap it before loading it into the moving truck.

Find the whole thing to be a taxing task? Don’t worry! For professional piano and organ movers to help you in Carrollton, TX, always turn to McMurry Piano Moving. Safe and efficient moving is what you can expect when you call us at (817) 690-1978 now!