• 1. Vehicles are being disinfected daily (door handles, steering wheel, etc.)
  • 2. During these uncertain times, please make sure to communicate with us as best as possible on any changes to your moving plans . We are flexible, and the more we will understand your needs, the more we might be able to accommodate them.
  • 3. Our pickup and delivery crews will unfortunately not be able to greet you with a handshake, and will request that you keep a friendly distance of 2m away. Our crew will be sanitizing regularly during your move.
  • 4. We want to keep the number of people on site to a minimum so we request only required people only be at your home for the duration of your move.

Know More About Piano Moving

Moving a Piano Shouldn’t Be Your Problem

Moving a piano is no easy task and it should not be taken lightly. Pianos are heavy to lift and move around. If not careful, you may hurt yourself, destroy the surrounding objects, and damage the piano itself. A piano is costly so it is a wise decision to hire a piano moving expert to keep these things from happening.

Stress and damage-free for you

When a piano moving expert takes over the situation, you are guaranteed that the job will be done with no problems at all. These experts know how to handle pianos. They have the skills and techniques to make sure nothing, especially the piano itself, will be damaged. There is a method for moving pianos that only professionals are able to manage. They know the balance between weight and movement, which not a lot of people are aware of.

Trained and skilled experts

For the safety of the piano, a professional piano moving team must do the job. These experts will see to it that the legs of the piano remain intact and don’t break. With their teamwork, it is ensured that the piano will be moved with no damage at all. They have communication gestures that help get the job done. Having experts take care of this precious instrument instead of doing it yourself is the best decision you’ll ever make.

Hire the best

Don’t let anyone move your piano. Look for the best. After all, a piano is of great value. Do research about moving companies whose services include moving pianos. Ask for a list of clients and check how was the move conducted. Were there any damages or did everything go smoothly? Check the cost for the move as well so you can compare it with other prospective companies. From there, you will be able to think and decide what to do.

There are so many moving companies in town; however, McMurry Piano Moving is a company with fully trained, professional piano moving experts. We have helped many clients with moving pianos at ease with no problems at all. Visit us at Carrollton, TX and let us help you.