• 1. Vehicles are being disinfected daily (door handles, steering wheel, etc.)
  • 2. During these uncertain times, please make sure to communicate with us as best as possible on any changes to your moving plans . We are flexible, and the more we will understand your needs, the more we might be able to accommodate them.
  • 3. Our pickup and delivery crews will unfortunately not be able to greet you with a handshake, and will request that you keep a friendly distance of 2m away. Our crew will be sanitizing regularly during your move.
  • 4. We want to keep the number of people on site to a minimum so we request only required people only be at your home for the duration of your move.

A Piano Moving in Carrollton, TX Done Professionally!

Are you moving to a new place? If you’re moving your piano, you’ll need a piano mover to assist you. Consider booking piano moving services from professionals such as McMurry Piano Moving. We can safely move the pianos of our clients in Carrollton, TX to their new homes.

Piano Moving in Carrollton, TX

Why Hire Pros?

Professional Piano Moving in Carrollton, TX

Moving a piano is no easy task. Not only does it need to fit in your car, but it also needs to be packed properly so that it won’t get damaged. If you try to move it yourself, you could cause damage to the piano. It could even get damaged if you’re not careful enough. It could happen if you’re not experienced enough to handle a piano as well. To make sure that your piano arrives safely at your new home, leave it to professionals like us. We are trained to safely move pianos, after all.

We Move Pianos!

Reliable Piano Moving in Carrollton, TX

Our piano moving service will make sure that your piano will be protected during the entire moving process. We’ll move it to the back of the truck so that it won’t get damaged during the bumpy ride to your new home. We’ll then strap the piano to the top of the truck to keep it from sliding and causing damage to the piano. We’ll then unpack it as well as all of the other items that you want to bring with you. Rest assured that your piano will arrive safely at your new place. For your piano to be safely moved to your new home, you know who to call.

Call McMurry Piano Moving at (817) 690-1978 for a trusted piano moving in Carrollton, TX!

McMurry Piano Moving provides the piano moving service you need so that your piano will be safely moved to your new home. Do you want the piano you are using for lessons at your studio in Carrollton, TX to be moved safely to your new home? Call us at (817) 690-1978 today so that we can start right away!