• 1. Vehicles are being disinfected daily (door handles, steering wheel, etc.)
  • 2. During these uncertain times, please make sure to communicate with us as best as possible on any changes to your moving plans . We are flexible, and the more we will understand your needs, the more we might be able to accommodate them.
  • 3. Our pickup and delivery crews will unfortunately not be able to greet you with a handshake, and will request that you keep a friendly distance of 2m away. Our crew will be sanitizing regularly during your move.
  • 4. We want to keep the number of people on site to a minimum so we request only required people only be at your home for the duration of your move.

A Reputable Piano Moving Company in Carrollton, TX at Your Disposal!

Moving pianos or organs can be very difficult. They’re large. They are sensitive and heavy as well. The sound, in particular, may be harmed by unevenness. That is something that no musician wants to happen. Selecting McMurry Piano Moving as your piano moving company could be a wise choice. Our Carrollton, TX specialists have twenty-five years of expertise, making them sufficiently experienced and knowledgeable in the procedure. We have faith in the tools and procedures we use. You may count on us to move your piano.

Piano Moving Company in Carrollton, TX

It Will Never Be Easy to Tackle Them

Professional Piano Moving Company in Carrollton, TX

It could be more difficult than you anticipated to move pianos or organs. The moment you relocate it from its initial location, the challenge begins. Even though they are equipped with casters, they degrade over time, especially if the piano is left immobile for an extended period of time. You could move them with a four-wheel dolly, but you must first take into account the piano’s center of gravity. They are really sensitive, pianos. The instrument’s usefulness will unquestionably be impacted if you break one of its strings while moving.

Why Call Our Experts?

Reliable Piano Moving Company in Carrollton, TX

Spend time moving the piano. The passage where your piano will enter and exit needs to be prepared. The stairs make it more difficult to move them. Large and hefty are pianos. Maybe they won’t fit through your door. Fortunately, experts have prepared a variety of relocation methods for your piano. They will even utilize a crane if required.

We have over four decades of experience in the industry. Over those years, our business has consistently expanded. We are actually more than just licensed. We have credentials. All moving businesses might not be able to obtain accreditation. Since we are qualified to support customers, we have it. Turn to our local piano moving company, and you won’t regret it.

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McMurry Piano Moving could offer more than piano moving. To know more about the details of our service in Carrollton, TX, just call us at (817) 690-1978. We are here to entertain your questions and inquiries.