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Tips From a Reputable Organ Mover

Preparing Yourself for a Piano Competition

Participating in a piano competition is a great way to hone your skills. However, the pressure of an audition or performance can be too much to handle, and many feelings can arise in even the most accomplished performers just before taking the stage. So, take a deep breath before you start thinking about hiring an organ mover for the big day, and let’s dive into some tips that will make the whole process easier and more enjoyable.

Get Motivated

Your first order of business after signing up for a competition is to select the piece of music you will be performing. Finding and listening to new and exciting music is a thrilling experience that broadens your musical horizons. Instead of picking a piece because of its complexity or expense, go with one that speaks to your heart.

Take a Self-Video.

A live performance can sometimes gloss over minor mistakes, but you can hear them when you record them. Because you are hearing yourself in the same way an audience would, this is a great way to improve your performance flaws. A good performance always starts with reflecting on yourself, so best do this before getting into the next step.

Mock Performance

Now that the big day is almost here and you know you can see your performance through to the end without faltering, it’s time to face any remaining stage fright or nerves you may have. Gather some close friends and family members for a simulated audition, and make it as realistic as possible.

Did you do everything on the list? Is it time for the big day? If so, let a professional organ mover bring your instrument to your performance place in Carrollton, TX – turn to McMurry Piano Moving. Dial (817) 690-1978 now for an appointment.