• 1. Vehicles are being disinfected daily (door handles, steering wheel, etc.)
  • 2. During these uncertain times, please make sure to communicate with us as best as possible on any changes to your moving plans . We are flexible, and the more we will understand your needs, the more we might be able to accommodate them.
  • 3. Our pickup and delivery crews will unfortunately not be able to greet you with a handshake, and will request that you keep a friendly distance of 2m away. Our crew will be sanitizing regularly during your move.
  • 4. We want to keep the number of people on site to a minimum so we request only required people only be at your home for the duration of your move.

Organ Moving in Carrollton, TX

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Take Advantage of Our Reliable & Safe Piano & Organ Moving Services in Carrollton, TX

If you are looking for an insured piano moving expert in Carrollton, TX that will handle your request as quickly as possible, stay on this page because it seems you just found exactly that!


More About What We Do

McMurry Piano Moving is a reputable organ transportation and piano delivery company that became a part of the trusted piano delivery service in 1980. We move all types of pianos and organs. It could be an upright piano or a full-size grand piano, it doesn’t matter to us because we are well-equipped and experienced.


Piano and Organ Moving

Our Services

Piano Moving

Piano Moving
No matter the distance you need to move your piano, you always want to make sure that your instrument won’t be damaged in the process. McMurry Piano Moving specializes in safe and affordable relocations. For almost four decades, we have helped piano owners feel the peace of mind that their instruments are in safe hands and they will be transported with the use of proper techniques and up-to-date equipment. Our trucks are fully prepared to handle jobs like moving a piano.

Organ Moving

Organ Moving
If you own an organ and you are moving out of the property but you want to keep it with you, call our professionals at Carrollton, TX. Your organ is probably one of your most expensive possessions, so it is worth investing in a good mover who knows how to relocate it properly.


When You Need an Expert

Professional Piano Movers in Carrollton, TX

Whether you are moving out of your home or need the help of a professional and expert piano moving, you are probably looking for someone who will be extremely careful with your instrument. Maybe you only play at home for personal entertainment or you make a living with your piano. Either way, it is a large part of your life and you don’t want to be damaged in the moving process.


Keep Your Peace of Mind!

Expert Piano Moving in Carrollton, TX

Moving a piano is not the easiest of jobs and certainly is a tricky one. A piano usually weighs between 300 and 1,000 pounds. This means you don’t want to attempt moving it on your own. You need a team of strong-handed people who know how to wrap and secure your instrument properly. In other words, you need our piano and organ moving experts in Carrollton, TX if you want to keep both your peace of mind and musical instrument safe.


Serving Many Other Areas

Piano Delivery Service in Carrollton, TX

Our company is now available in:

  • Double Oak, TX
  • Bartonville, TX
  • Copper Canyon, TX
  • Hickory Creek, TX
  • Lake Dallas, TX


If you want to be served by one of the most trustworthy nationwide organ movers or simply need professional piano movers, call McMurry Piano Moving and ask for help from our pros!

Client’s Testimonial

by Anthony Silva on McMurry Piano Moving
Thank you

I am really grateful to each piano moving expert who came to help with my relocation. My piano is my most precious possession and it was a hand-me-down from my father. I am so happy these movers were so careful and had all the tools needed. I would hire you again if I’m moving to a new address.

McMurry Piano Moving
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Phone: (817) 690-1978

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Emily Bever
Emily Bever
The piano mover was excellent! I'm so pleased with your work. Thank you very much indeed!